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Welcome to the Agriculture Research Guide!

This research guide has everything you need to get started with agricultural research at Moye Library. If you have questions, or just want to learn a little bit more, you can always ask a library staff member for help. From finding books using a "call number" to one-on-one reference sessions, we have you covered! 


Where are the agriculture books located at Moye Library?

Most of our agriculture books will be located on the second floor or the library in the S-SK section. The books in Moye Library are labeled using Library of Congress Call Numbers. When you search for a book in the library search box, you will see a set of letters and numbers under the title. These letters and numbers are the call number. The range of call numbers on a shelf are labeled on the side of the shelf. Match the call number to the place on the shelf to find your book! 

If you want to browse by subject, this guide to agriculture call numbers should help: 

Library of Congress Classifications for Agriculture

I need agricultural statistics. Where should I start? 

Try the "Data and Statistics" section of "Websites" for a few ideas! 

Send your questions to for personalized assistance. We're here to help and knowing what you need from us is important to our library! (We will not post your questions here. Your interactions with library staff are confidential. We will update this section periodically with frequently asked questions composed by the library staff.) 

Reference and Extended Services Librarian

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Kelsey Chandler

How can Moye Library help me?

Moye Library staff are here to help. There is not a question we have not heard before (or asked ourselves) and, if you come up with one, we'll still show you where to find the answer! We can help you:

learn how to use the library, both on campus and online through the Moye Library website 

  • locate and get books on a topic (We have print books and eBooks.) 
  • find and download peer-reviewed journal articles using our library resources 
  • learn how to do the best research on your topic in the shortest amount of time
  • answer all of your research-related questions
  • cite your sources 
  • borrow a book that we do not have at Moye Library through Interlibrary Loan