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Library Basics for College Success

a guide designed to show incoming Freshmen transitioning from a high school library to ways that Moye Library can help them succeed in college and beyond

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Moye Library can help you make the most of your college experience. Explore this guide to find out more!

Go to the Moye Library website to explore our library's resources online.  

Transitioning to College

Your college library experience will probably be different from the experience you had in high school. In this table, we lay out some of the key differences between the high school and college library experience.

Your High School Library

Your College Library

The library was probably a little smaller.

We have 2 floors, around 70,000 print books, and over 200,000 online resources. The library building is big, but our print collection represents less than 1/3 of Moye Library's resources. Our online resources include digital books, articles, streaming video, and more. All of this is available from any location with an internet connection and a current UMO username and password. (This is the same as your Moodle username and password.) 

You found things with the Dewey Decimal System

Books are arranged using  Library of Congress Classification. Each book has a set of letters and numbers that tell something about its subject area and topic. Each set of letters and numbers identify what the book is and where it is on the shelf. Materials are arranged by subject, but the subjects are much more specific than what you might find at your public library. 

You were limited to the materials available in the library and on NCLive. 

You are not limited to the materials in Moye Library, if you plan ahead. Our Discovery searching system (the search box on the Library homepage) searches Moye Library AND other libraries worldwide. You can request materials from any library in the country through Interlibrary Loan. The interlibrary loan page on the linked from the library homepage provides more information on this service. 

Google was your "go to" for research. 

Google is a useful tool and it is still a good place to get started with your research, but all Google does is find information. It doesn't have any kind of quality control most of the information on Google is not scholarly, meaning it is not written for an academic audience (you-a college student). Google Scholar is an academic search engine run by Google, but you may be prompted to pay to access a full article. (DO NOT pay! We will try to get it for you on Interlibrary Loan if we do not have it in the library.)  Searching library databases will help you find scholarly and peer-reviewed sources for your papers that you can access for free. You are more certain to get reliable, relevant information when using the library.  Learning how to evaluate information you find online will help you figure out whether the information you got in a quick Google search is false, biased, useful, or just right for your information needs.

Help was only available during school

We have a 24/7 library chat box on the homepage that is available after hours where you can get help from another librarian at any time. (The only time it is "closed" is on federal holidays.) All librarians on chat have access to our databases and can help with most of your questions. If it's something they need us to answer, we we will get an email the next morning to follow up with the request. 

Visiting the library was usually a class trip...or a hassle.  

You can visit us anytime...and most students visit us outside of class. If you can't make it in to see us, we can help you virtually.

We have comfy couches, study space, and study rooms. We are open until 11 PM on every weekday except Fridays. We make virtual research help appointments with students in addition to providing in-person face-to-face help.  

Expectations for research and writing were more flexible.

Expectations are laid out at the beginning of the class and are usually more specific. If your expectations are not as specific as you would like, talk with your professor to clarify things. If your topic needs to be more specific and you are not sure how to make that happen, a library staff member or the Writing Center can assist you too! 

Your papers were informed by the point you wanted to make, instead of letting your research inform what point you choose to make.  

Your papers will be driven by the research that you do and the information that you find, rather than a point you want to make. Remember, research is a process and we're here to help you with it! 

You probably did not use multiple citation styles, like APA and Chicago.

You'll be required to use and learn one or more citation style. We can help you with any citation style or writing style that your professor assigns. 

The library was just a place to get books

We have a popular reading collection, eBooks, audiobooks, language learning and college planning tools, a dedicated Curriculum Collection for future educators, and fun programs. We can help you find and access any information that you need, even if you don't need it for that paper. All of your reference requests are confidential to the library.     

We don't care what you are looking for, we just care that you find reliable information.

What Moye Library Can Help You With

  • Finding and checking out print books from Moye Library
  • Finding and downloading eBooks, audiobooks, and more
  • Using tools like Mango Languages, RB Digital Audiobooks, Ferguson's Career Guidance Center, or any other resources on our Databases page
  • Creating and carrying out searches for peer-reviewed journal articles and other scholarly sources
  • Evaluating resources
  • Narrowing your research topic
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Citing your sources

Get in touch! Fill out the form below to request research assistance with our Reference Librarian.

Different Research Help Styles 

Research help and library assistance is universally available to the UMO community whether you are a student, faculty member, or staff member. 

Virtual hlp via Zoom videoconferencing: 

The librarian will also share their screen with you so that you can talk face-to-face and so that you can follow along with them as they help you learn the research process. You will need a camera on your computer to share your screen with the librarian, but, if you don't have a camera, a librarian can still share their screen with you. 

Help over the phone: 

Call 919-658-7869 or 919-658-7711. We can walk you through searching and answer any questions that you have about library services.

Help via email: 

Email or or any of the library staff on our About page.

All of these options are also available to groups of students. Group sessions work best when students are working on the same topic or working collectively on a group project. 

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