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644 James B. Hunt Dr.
Mount Olive, NC 28365
(919) 658-7869
644 James B. Hunt Dr., Mount Olive, NC 28365 | (919) 658-7869


Where to Find Them

All of the books at Moye Library can be located in our library catalog. The simplest way to find books using our library catalog is to use the books tab in the basic search box on the library homepage.

To do this:

  • Go to
  • Find the search box in the middle of the page. (It’s right under the words “Search Moye Library and Beyond.”
  • Click on the “Books” button.
  • Enter in your search term(s). It can be as general as the subject you are researching or as specific as the title of the book you need.

image of search box depicting steps described above

 This catalog will search for print books in Moye Library, eBooks, and items in other libraries around the world. (This allows you to get more information about the relevant research in your field. It also allows you to request a book that we do not have through Interlibrary Loan.)

If you want to look specifically for books in Moye Library or for print books or eBooks, you can narrow your search results using the limits on the left side of the search results page.



image of search search results screen depicting instructions provided below

How to Get Them

Print Books

Students may borrow books directly from Moye Library. Moye Library will mail the book(s) to the student’s address of choice via USPS. Please allow 5-10 days for arrival after your request is confirmed by a librarian. The library will cover the cost of sending the books to a student, but the student is responsible for any costs associated with returning the book. You may return the book via mail or by dropping it off at the library. (If you return a book by mail, please mail it prior to its due date to ensure that it will not be overdue.) To arrange to have a book sent to you, please email the library staff at or contact the library during operating hours for delivery options.

The checkout period is for one month. If you wish to renew the book, you can renew it once by logging into your library account and choosing to renew the book or by contacting the library directly. If your book is overdue, you are responsible for the overdue fines. Failure to pay fines may result in a hold on your student account. 

If we do not own a book that you need, we can request it for you on Interlibrary Loan.  Please see our Interlibrary loan services page for information on the service. If you find the book in our Discovery system, but we do not have it available, you can click on “Request via Interlibrary Loan” to immediately request the book. Please have your student id number available to complete the form. 


Our eBook collection is available to you at any time from any location. All you need to access the book is your student login and the ability to download the book to your device or read it online. (Your student login is the same thing that you use to login to Moodle.) Simply click the ‘Get eBook” button under the title to open the book on your device. For more information on downloading eBooks, see the "Library Tutorials" section of this guide.

eBooks do not need to be returned. Once an eBook is overdue, you simply loose access to it. You will also loose access to any notes that you create within the book unless you renew the book.