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How to Find Them

There are several ways to find journal articles at Moye Library. The easiest way to search for journal articles is to use the “articles” button in our search box or choose the “advanced search” link at the bottom of the search box. (The advanced search option allows you to search for information that is more specific.) You can search by subject, journal title, article title, and more. You may also select "full text" and/or "peer-reviewed" at any point in the search process. These options limit your search results to articles that we have available for immediate download and to articles that are peer-reviewed (as opposed to newspaper and magazine articles).


If you are looking for an article in a specific journal, you can also use Journal Finder. This resource is useful because it shows you the years associated with each journal. (Example: If you need an article from 2015 and Journal Finder says that ProQuest Central has The Journal of New Testament Studies from 1998-2016, you know that you can find your article in ProQuest Central. )


If you find a citation for an article that is not available in full-text from one of our electronic databases, including Journal Finder, you may request the article from the library by emailing If the library owns a print copy of the journal, we will copy and send you the article by fax or email.  If we do not, we will request the article from another library via Interlibrary Loan.

Please see our Interlibrary loan services page for information on the service.

Using Specific Electronic Research Databases

Our Discovery searching system allows you to search multiple databases at one time. It automatically selects our most comprehensive general research databases and you can choose to add specialized databases in the Advanced Search option. However, some of our individual databases have subject-specific and industry-specific search options that may result in more specific search results.

Examples of these specific search options include:

  • ProQuest’s ABI/INFORM database allows you to look up specific companies and organizations or search by a company’s NAICS code, classification, or location.
  • SIRS Issues Researcher and Point of View Reference Database allow you to browse controversial and popular issues by category in addition to traditional searching.
  • CINAHL Complete allows you to search for articles using nursing-specific terms and includes a tool to help you find the exact clinical term that you need.


To access a complete list of our databases, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to the library homepage at
  • Locate the box directly under the search box that says "Popular Databases"
  • Click on the link “Full A-Z Database List” at the bottom of this box.
  • Choose the database you wish to use. (They are listed in alphabetical order with a short description. You can also select a database from the dropdown menu at the top of the list.)*

*To access library resources off campus, remember to enter the username and password you use for your student Moodle Account when prompted. 

Downloading Articles

You can download most articles directly to your computer in PDF format. Once you click the blue button that says "View Full Text" you will see the option to download the PDF version of the article. You may be able to read the full text of the article without downloading the PDF, but we recommend using the PDF format for your research because it contains the original page numbers from the journal. 

Once an article is downloaded to your computer, it will show up where your downloads usually appear. (On Macs, this is usually the upper right hand corner of the web browser and on PCs, it is often at the bottom of the browser. You can also access the file in your downloads folder.) Once the document is downloaded you may choose "Save As" and it under any name and location that you wish.