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Moye Library Tutorials

Using Discovery Services (Searching our Databases)

Using eBooks

When you search for an eBook, it will be available through one of the databases below. Usually, this will be apparent when you click on the "Get eBook" button below the title. If you do not see this button, you can click directly on the title of the book and then select "Availability" from the series of dropdown menus after the description. 

Using Online Audiobooks

RB Digital allows you to download and play audiobooks from your computer or mobile device. They also have eBooks. This resource allows you to download books over wi-fi to your phone and stream them or read them when you are away from the internet. While most of these books are popular fiction, this collection also includes some non-fiction books which may be suitable for class if your professor allows audiobooks. (Please note that it is difficult to cite an audio book. However, they can be excellent resources for those who have trouble with text or have long commutes.)