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644 James B. Hunt Dr., Mount Olive, NC 28365 | (919) 658-7869

Interlibrary Loans

Who can use this service?

All students, faculty and staff are eligible to use this service. Special borrowers, alumni and all other types of users do not qualify for interlibrary loan service.

What kinds of materials can be ordered?

Books and journal articles are the most common requests. Because of slow delivery rates, only materials available in the United States will be ordered. If you are interested in requesting another type of material (audiovisual, microfilm, newspaper article) we can place a request for the material and let you know whether the request is granted. Interlibrary Loan is for individual research use only. We cannot provide textbooks or articles required for class through Interlibrary Loan. (If you need an article for your research in your class, we can request that. We just cannot request something if it is required reading for everyone in the class.) 

Copyright law requires that anyone requesting more than two articles from the same journal must pay royalty fees. All such fees will be fully passed on to the requester, and average about $30.00 each. We are limited in the number of articles we may request from a specific journal in a five-year period, so please be conscientious of this when requesting articles. 

Reference books, textbooks, antiquarian books, and archival materials are not usually items that we can get on Interlibrary Loan. Occasionally, books considered rare or fragile will be sent with a “use in library only” stipulation. Only people who can come to Moye Library would benefit from such a loan.

What does it cost?

It's FREE! For most interlibrary loans, there are no charges. Some libraries will charge for borrowing. If a fee is required to access a specific article Moye Library will cover up to $10.00 of that cost. When the cost is greater, you may be asked to pay a part of the fee and will be contacted with a specific price. Orders requiring a fee will not be placed without your approval. (We can also help you find a similar article if the specific article is not necessary to your research.) 

What is the delivery timeframe?

Two weeks is the average time for materials to arrive. Articles may arrive more quickly. Rare or difficult to obtain materials may take longer. For very popular or new books, sometimes the request must be reordered.

How is the resource delivered?

Journal articles can be sent to the student or faculty member via email. On-campus borrowers may pick up books at the Reference Desk in Moye Library. Off-campus borrowers may request that materials be sent to them for no charge at the address of their choice. (Off-campus borrowers are responsible for the cost of sending the materials back to the library in a timely manner.) 

How long may the resource be kept?

Articles are yours to keep. Please save them since we cannot request an article twice. For all other items, the lending library sets the due date. This is written on the book strap attached to the front cover of the book. Return items before the due date. For mailed items, please allow 5 days for delivery. 

You are encouraged to complete your research by the original due date. If it is absolutely necessary to request a renewal, you should contact Kelsey Chandler prior to the date the material is due. Not all libraries will grant renewals.

Do not keep materials borrowed from other libraries past their due dates. To do so jeopardizes our borrowing relationship with other libraries and also your privilege to borrow interlibrary loans in the future. Overdue fines may be assessed.

How are requests for Interlibrary Loans placed?

Place a request using  the "Request Item through Interlibrary Loan" button in the library catalog or e-mail requests directly to Kelsey Chandler. Please include the following information in your request: 

Your personal information: 

  • first name
  • last name
  • patron ID (your student/faculty ID number) 
  •  role (Examples: student, faculty, staff)  
  • UMO location (example: Mount Olive, New Bern, etc.) 
  • email address

Information about the item you are requesting: 

  • title (If you are requesting an article, please include the title of the article and the title of the journal.) 
  • author 
  • publication date 
  • edition (books) or volume/issue (journals, magazines, periodicals) 
  • date by which you need the item 

Please direct any questions or concerns to Kelsey Chandler at

Moye Library, University of Mount Olive, 2017