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Scholarly Communication

a guide to scholarly communication, scholarly impact, and other topics relevant to academic publishing

Choosing a Journal

Tools for Measuring Impact

All descriptions are duplicated directly from vendor websites to ensure the accuracy of description. 

Predatory Publishing

What is predatory publishing? 

Predatory publishing is the unethical exploitation of academic publishing for the benefit of the publisher with no discernible benefit for the author. These predatory publishers are often  (though not always) characterized by an expedited (or non-existent) peer-review process, poorly-developed websites, and requirements of payment. 

No one list or resource is the absolute authority on which journals are reliable and non-predatory. However, several resources have emerged as trusted sources for identifying predatory publishers. The sources below can provide helpful guidelines and suggestions. However, the responsibility of evaluating a journal for suitability relies solely on the researcher(s) submitting their work. 

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