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Academic Research in Education

Academic Research in Education was created for EDU 492

Defining the Scope of your Project

Post-Grad Collective [PGC]. (2017, February 13). Thesis Writing-Narrow the Scope [Video file]. Retrieved from

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What is Scope?

The scope of your project sets clear parameters for your research. 

A scope statement will give basic information about the depth and breadth of the project. It tells your reader exactly what you want to find out, how you will conduct your study, the reports and deliverables that will be part of the outcome of the study, and the responsibilities of the researchers involved in the study. The extent of the scope will be a part of acknowledging any biases in the research project. 

Defining the scope of a project: 

  • focuses your research goals
  • clarifies the expectations for your research project
  •  helps you determine potential biases in your research methodology by acknowledging the limits of your research study 
  • identifies the limitations of your research